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My family has been on "Los Barbados " Barbados for over 300 years and there is not much that I would not be able to tell ya about the history and culture  and the food and everything that is Barbados the very beginning of the western world A fort in the British Empire to this day ,it houses all the embassy's of the world and is an International destination with 200 small coves and beaches of coral sands , the waters around Barbados are considered part of her and comprise of many hundreds of thousands of sq miles , it is where the Atlantic meets the Caribbean sea and is spectacular , another of my favourite places is Thailand and in all my travels is the only place that has coral sands beaches than can compare to Barbados's .

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Worthing Beach


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Sea Safari boat from Rayong to Kohsamet

Connect with Captain Pian and his Thai boat in Rayong 

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Connect with a Thai boat in Rayong

Connect with Captain Pian in Rayong and his boat trips to Koh Samet on "Sea Safari"

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